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Artists and Partners

Arces Soul Musique is the main representative for Les Fous Frogs et Thierry Marqueyssac.

Les Fous Frogs : This innovative and energetic duo combine their own composition (funky, rocky, jazzy, poppy stuff) with a real show!! Two saxophones, two voices, several guitars and other instruments create a big sound and real pleasure for the eye and ear. For more information please visit their site www.lesfousfrogs.com.

Thierry Marqueyssac : Lover of "chansons françaises" et music-hall, he always admired the leading lights in these genres and dreamed of writing an album featuring the influences of Nougaro, Reggiani etc. This first CD entitled États d’âme, imprinted with the bossas of Lavilliers and Souchon, is directly in this line of descent. Writer and singer he also plays guitar, keyboards and tenor sax. For more info visit the site www.arcessoulmusique.com/tm.

We work in collaboration with other associations with similar goals. Amongst other this year this includes Accord'e Vues, Arts et Lumière de Meschers. If you would like to work with us (as artist or in a collaborative venture) then please do contact us by mail or telephone.